About Creative Stationery London

The Beginnings

Creative Stationery London (CSL) is a luxury handmade stationery brand, created by Fi from her love of calligraphy & paper.

Beginning in July 2020 and relaunching in February 2022 after a rebrand. The shop boasts an array of distinctive stationery. From beautiful diaries through to soft touch vegan leather notebooks, rounding off with elegant foiled greetings cards.

With a wide variety of intentionally curated designs, each piece of stationery is handcrafted in house.

Personalisation is a key theme at CSL, working hard to keep the personal touch never far away. Ultimately making this the truly perfect stationery to gift to others, treat yourself too and enjoy always.

At Creative Stationery London Fi works hard to consistently create sustainable, luxury stationery, that is handcrafted, beautiful & elegant.

Designed & created for people to gift to other, treat themselves & and enjoy always.


The Process

All stationery at Creative Stationery London is handcrafted by Fi. Yes each piece of stationery has been printed, cut and uniquely bound by Fi. 

From the very beginning Fi wanted to create stationery that was just beautiful but unique like the individual that would be using it.

By hand binding each piece of stationery, adding (free) personalisation. Fi has been able to achieve this with the stationery that is produced from her home studio in Kent. 

No two pieces of stationery leave the studio the same. Therefore creating a unique stationery journey for everyone. 

There is truly nothing quite like the stationery found at Creative Stationery London.