Collection: Creative Stationery London | Summer Sample Sale

Spring has sprung and I am enjoying the better weather with a CSL Spring Sample Sale.

There is limited stock available & the discount has already been applied so make sure to not miss out 🤩😮!
So if ever there was a time to get your hands on a beautiful piece of CSL stationery at an amazing discounted price now is the time. 
From Notebooks, to Journals and even Vegan Leather Notebooks, get yourself stocked up.

The Spring Sample Sale runs until 26.07.2024 or whilst stock lasts.

And as before all pieces that are not already personalised can be personalised - FOR FREE.

What's determines a Sample Item in a Sale? Important Information:
Sample sales are a way for me to get all the products that are created for Trade Shows and for my product photography into your hands at a great discounted price (yey). 
I do this because they are not made to order, and after events and photography, they do quite literally just sit pretty in a box in the studio, when they could be out with you being loved and used.
A sample sale differs from a seconds sale, because these are the pieces the buyers get to smooch over rather than pieces that go a little “oops” during the creation process.