Love on Luxe | Vegan Leather Stationery

Love on Luxe | Vegan Leather Stationery

Introducing Vegan Luxe; the first vegan notebook collection at Creative Stationery London.

Back in March I launched my first ever faux leather stationery range. It was an exciting time. A true journey from design to final piece and ending with a collection with 8 beautiful pieces. 

I've just had a day in the studio, loving on all things Vegan Luxe and it sparked a thought, why not take tour and show you why the Vegan Luxe collection is so amazing to treat yourself and also gift to loved ones on their birthdays, graduations & Christmas and everything in between.

The Vegan Leather

Sustainably sourced, the vegan leather is a beautiful soft touch faux leather. This means it's not real leather but its just as gorgeous. With a beautiful matt luxe finish. It's durable and longwearing. So it can travel safely in your bag without fear of damage. And its the perfect journal to also be kept by your bed. With a unique ribbon fastening. Your ideas, thoughts and ponderings will be kept safe.


The Colours

Boasting a range of 8 stand out colours. From all the pinks, through to blues & a delicious mint green. They are absolutely stunning. Of course, we've kept on brand with the all important shades of purple. I can positively say that the Sky Blue and Blush pink have been by far the favourite? But how about you? What's you favourite colour?
The Binding

So one thing that just makes the vegan leather collection so unique, is the gorgeous and distinct binding style! Giving a beautiful distinctive finish. The unique enclosed wire binding allows for a lie flat use a notebook perfect for all, but lefties and those who love to work full spread, you'll love this style.
P.s. If you've ever heard of the inside out Lloyd's building in London. It is distinctive and stands out amongst the crowd (inspiration can come from all places).
The Craftmanship
Just like all stationery at Creative Stationery London, the Vegan Luxe collection is no different. They are handmade in our in house studio. These notebooks are truly unique. And let's not forget the rounded corners and threaded ribbon truly a luxe stationery experience.
The Personalisation
Make it Yours💜 
Don't you just LOVE what hot foil does to a product? This is the first range at Creative Stationery London to feature this method of personalisation. Adding a unique embossed feel, & touch whilst elevating the Luxe feel what is not to love?
The Inside

When you open your notebook dive straight in to 140 sides of 100GSM paper.
The notebooks come in 2 sizes; A6 & A5. When you choose the A5 Style you can choose from having those inserts; Plain, Lined or even dotted Journal style.
Well, that's the best 6 qualities but I'm sure there's plenty more. I hope you've loved my little showcase of all things Luxe. I'd love to know what do you love about this new range?
I'll be back soon with more goodies to share with you.
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Until then have a lovely day.
Much Love
Fi x
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